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The Glass Bridge - Sapa

The Glass Bridge hanging on the cliff is 600 m high, located at the summit of O Quy Ho (Lai Chau), 17 km from Sapa, and will officially open to visitors from September 2.
the glass bridge with a length of 60 m, a 5 m wide walkway, was built on a height of 600 m at the summit of O Quy Ho, Tam Duong district, province , will be main mode of operation since September 2 this year. The project promises to attract a lot of tourists to visit during the National Day.



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As expected, the bridge is made of transparent glass, total thickness of 7 cm and can withstand the weight of 3,000 people at the same time. The destination promises to bring visitors an interesting floating experience, the bottom is a deep hun smoking area, surrounded by the majestic natural scenery typical of the northwestern mountains and forests.

Instead of taking more than 2 hours of walking on a forest trail to the sights, you can choose to move by glass-cage elevator, which is installed outdoors called Road to Heaven. This is the first place in Vietnam to own a transparent glass elevator system, with a height of 300 m.



Visitors can use the glass elevator system built close to the ridge with the price of 200,000 VND.

Elevators and glass bridges bring visitors to a variety of thrills such as zipline skydiving, parachuting, climbing, exploring old forests, visiting White waterfall.

Service of moving and sightseeing with glass elevator cost VND 400,000 / adult and VND 200,000 / child, including two turns up and down. Tourist area officially sells tickets on July 1.



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