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What does Sapa have to make people crave it? So far Sapa has always been a destination of tourist paradise in the north, with beautiful natural scenery. Harmonious combination of clouds, mountains and magnificent terraced fields, along with attractions attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists.

Next to Dalat, Sapa has always been a land that everyone wants to come at least once in their life. Asking out, no one can explain, simply "want to go". Sapa is a destination for all classes, you can go as long as you like. Strange, because the visualization of Sapa will certainly not be much love, not romantic like Da Lat, Hoi An ... but why this is always a destination that everyone wishes to come once. Then Amazing Travel will give you the top 6 reasons to go to Sapa immediately.


In summer, Sapa is cool, winter is watching snow fall

Sapa climate is probably the most enchanting point. Since summer or winter, it is all right here. In the summer, amid Hanoi and many other places are suffering from hot and sultry scenes, on Sapa it is extremely cool, airy and extremely comfortable. A great place to take each other to escape (is to hide the sun, hide hot, understand literally ^^).

Mùa hè Sapa

Summer Sapa

Winter comes, Sapa is so cold that even snow falls. In a humid tropical monsoon country like Vietnam, there is a place where snow falls, how can it be ignored? This is also the reason why people want to take their hands up to Sapa to catch snow, even though the weather is cold to cut the skin to cut the meat, it is still extremely interesting. Winter is also when many couples prefer to travel to Sapa, probably because of the cold, so more love?

Bản tình ca mùa đông phiên bản Việt đẹp như phim Hàn ở Sapa

Winter love song with beautiful Vietnamese version like Korean film in Sapa


Sa Pa mùa đông rét với tuyết phủ khắp núi rừng
Sapa cold winter with snow covered the mountains and forests


The cost for a trip to Sapa is not too expensive

The cost of a travel tour anywhere is a thing that tourists are interested in. Then the cost to have a trip to Sapa is also one of the top 6 reasons to go to Sapa immediately

Please choose a location to start from, take the starting point is Hanoi. A train from Hanoi to Lao Cai, choosing air-conditioned beds only falls to about 350k, of course less with soft chairs or hard chairs. From Lao Cai, taking a bus to Sapa is only about 25 - 30k but the car is much more. Up to Sapa, then rent a motorbike to explore and feel for yourself, feeling both good and free, but the price is not expensive at all. The afternoon is like that too, so the move is complete! Compared to places that are too far to go by plane, this is considered cheap, right?

Du lịch Sapa

Travel to Sapa

Now come to the accommodation, suppose you stay here for 3 days, don't worry. Sapa is a small town but the number of hotels and motels is relatively high, depending on the price and depending on the audience. If you want to have a trip to save, then choose the accommodation with room price from 300-500k without shortage, even with the room stay is cheaper, but still stable and comfortable.

The cost of food and entertainment is more difficult to calculate, because it depends on how you enjoy this trip. But the price is also extremely affordable. In general, to have a happy trip to Sapa, the cost will not be too expensive.


Sapa also has beautiful hotels, beautiful homestay ...

Da Lat still makes people sit idly by the free homestay, many people even come to Dalat just to try homestay to see how it is. So accommodation can also be considered an important thing that makes people want to go somewhere to travel or not. Then Sapa also has many homestay accommodation like that, also extremely lovely, lovely, worth choosing as a place to stop when coming here.

Sapa cũng có khách sạn đẹp, homestay xinh...

Sapa also has beautiful hotels, beautiful homestay ...

Hotels and motels are also extremely numerous. From high-end like Sapa Rooms Boutique Hotel - a beautiful hotel from every small detail, is a combination of ethnic lines with a little Western taste. Then comes the Amazing Sapa Hotel - the hotel people still tell each other that there is a bath with a glass all around ... beautiful. Or is Pho’s House - a homestay that looks simple and close to its name - home ...

Destinations in Sapa is not missing

What do you do when you go to Sapa, what to watch, what to shoot, what to do? The answer is ... not missing!

If these points are ignored, the whole trip to Sapa will be meaningless. As a stone church in Sapa, it is Ham Rong Mountain, Fansipan, is Thac Bac, ... remember all Love Waterfall.

Nhà thờ đá Sapa

Sapa stone church

Núi Hàm Rồng

Ham Rong mountain

Đỉnh Fansipan - nóc nhà Đông Dương
Fansipan peak - roof of Indochina

Thác Bạc - Sapa
Silver Waterfall - Sapa

Thác tình yêu Sapa thơ mộng
Sapa love waterfall poetic


Even beautiful view cafe shops

Những quán cafe view đẹp

Nice view cafe shops

Just look at the photos of anyone who has ever gone to Sapa to see, there is not a "sodeep" taken with a cup of coffee with a distant view of the mountain, a cloud, a green forest. Well, Sapa also has many beautiful cafe view shops in the city. Sitting sipping a cup of coffee, enjoying the cold air, watching the clouds watching the mountains and seeing the forest here is great. Forgive me to take a virtual photo, travel.
Some beautiful cafes include Le Gecko, Gem Valley, Nhan cafe, Vietemotion Sapa, ...


Specialties in Sapa are also many

Cuisine in Sapa is also in the top 6 reasons to go to Sapa immediately.

When it comes to Sapa cuisine, many people who have not come here should only think about barbecue paradise. But in fact, cuisine in Sapa is much richer. First of all, it is definitely still to mention the baked goods, in Sapa there are many strange grilled dishes such as baked eggs, grilled chicken, grilled chicken, baked purple potatoes, grilled lamella ...

Các món nướng ở Sapa

Barbecue dishes in Sapa

But that's not enough. There are also armpit pork, salmon, sturgeon, all the streams of fish are only as small as a finger, but it is great to cook. Then the winning dish, the seven-color sticky rice, the typical vegetables of temperate regions such as broccoli, red radish, chayote, green stone sprouts ... are also certain things to try when traveling to Sapa. It's so simple, it's a vegetable, a fish, that's just meat, there's nothing high, but only when you eat in Sapa do you feel its own taste.

Cá hồi Sapa

Sapa salmon

Cá Suối nướng Sapa
Sapa Grilled Fish

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